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MIT Juggling Club
Boston Jugglers

Last updated April 30, 2023


What is the MIT Juggling Club?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Juggling Club is the oldest "drop in" juggling club in continuous operation in the world. We have no dues and no formal business. All we do is juggle and talk about juggling. Then, we have been known go out to eat.

Where Do We Meet?

We meet at the MIT campus, which is in Cambridge, Massachusetts; USA. The MIT campus is on the Charles River, a mere 1.5 miles from that other famous university in Cambridge. If the weather is super-nice we meet in the lawn just outside building 10 (known as Killian Court). If the weather requires us to be indoors, we instead will meet in the lobby of Building 10 (known as Memorial Lobby). Very occasionally, the lobby of building 10 is being used for other events, in which case we would meet in the lobby of building 13 (known as Lobby 13), the lobby of building 6 (known as Lobby 6), or even the lobby of building 7 (known as Lobby 7). We promise we are not trying to hide from you. (Despite these locations, none of us are actual lobbyists.)

When Do We Meet?

Every Sunday (including summers and holidays) approximately 3 - 5:00 P.M. As none of us have lives, rest assured that "every Sunday" really does mean every Sunday.

Who May Attend?

Anyone interested in juggling can attend. No affiliation with MIT is required. You do not have to be a great juggler or even a good juggler to attend.

We welcome visitors from other countries.

Frankly, we're sick of each other and could really use some new faces.

For the love of humanity, just show up.

Is There a Minimum Age?

There is not even a minimum level of emotional maturity. (Stop by some Sunday and we'll prove it.)

Seriously though, we welcome child jugglers (even if they can only juggle three children).

I'm Confused--Are You the Same Organization as the MIT Student Juggling Club?

Yes, we get that question a lot. Our club was founded by former MIT students when they were current MIT students. Their club was founded by former MIT students and consists of current MIT students. Our club meets in Building 10, while their club meets in Building 10. Our club meets Sunday afternoons, while their club now meets on Sunday afternoons. You see--totally different!

When Did the Club Originate?

Radiocarbon dating and fossil records suggest that our group began life somewhere around 1970 as the MIT Unicycling Club. In 1973, Arthur Lewbel originated the MIT Juggling Club, which soon merged with the MIT Unicycling Club. (The Club still welcomes unicyclers.)

Whom Can I Contact for More Information?

Contact one of the following:

Whom Can I Hire to Juggle at My Next Event?

The following jugglers are available for hire:

Performer Phone E-Mail
Benjamin the Clown 617-730-4388 [email protected]
Davey the Clown 617-524-5191 [email protected]
Peter Panic 617-251-8268 [email protected]
The Jim Show 617-776-1111 [email protected]
Jenny the Juggler 617-562-5758 [email protected]
Dr. Stardust 508-793-7761 [email protected]
Alex O'Brien Feldman 617-591-8161 [email protected]

NOTE: If other Boston jugglers would like to advertise here, just contact James K.

Are there Other Juggling Clubs in the Boston Area?

Of course! This is a big college town, so there are several other choices. Just step into your wayback machine, and you can visit the Harvard-Radcliffe Juggling Club or the Boston University Juggling Associtation (BUJA) as a few examples.

I'm Still Confused--What's It Like on Sunday?

A Few Interesting Links

Our own Dr. Arthur Lewbel cowrote a Scientific American article on the science of juggling as well as an article on the history of juggling.

To learn more about the art of lasso, read the definitive treatise by our own Dr. Carey Bunks.


The MIT Juggling Club mourns the passing of one of its most esteemed members: the late Claude Shannon. To learn more about Claude Shannon's life and his love of juggling, read Professor Arthur Lewbel's reflections.